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June 4, 10:30 am This AVL Tree Applet may be helpful in building your intuition about AVL balancing and binary search tree operations.
May 21, 9:00 pm Good luck on the upcoming test!
May 21, 8:00 pm Here is a link to the all of the source code in the textbook!
May 1, 9:00 pm Here is a great tutorial on Classes and Objects in Java. Also, plan to attend some of the help sessions to bring you up to speed.
April 10, 12:00 pm Welcome to CS235 Spring 2008. Take some time to get acquainted with the website, policies, and tutorials (located on the Help Page).

Help Sessions

Help sessions will be held in the TA office at the times that are posted on the TA schedule. Help sessions will not be held on days a project is due. Come with questions about projects, homework, or other class items.


Matt Smith 1138 TMCB (801) 422-7817 Office Hours: By Appointment.
Email me for an appointment

The TA email is, though the best way to get a hold of the TAs is to see them during office hours. The TA office is located in 1044 TMCB (in the basement).