Computer Science 235 :: Data Structures and Algorithms

CS 235 Projects :: Spring 2008

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Note: Projects are to be completed by each student individually (not by groups of students).


The quality of your Java code will be evaluated using Checkstyle. Your code must pass all the required Checkstyle checks to be given credit. The following Checkstyle jar and configuration file will be used to evaluate your code.

Checkstyle can help you write better code and help you save time in debugging your code. You will only gain this benefit if you incorporate Checkstyle into your code authoring process. Please download these files and run Checkstyle as you write your code.

  1. Download the Checkstyle jar.
  2. Download the Checkstyle configuration file.
  3. Run checkstyle from the command line on all java files in the current directory.
    $ java -jar checkstyle-all-4.4.jar -c checks.xml *.java

The Checkstyle site documents each of the Checkstyle checks.


Some of the example code uses JUnit for testing. To run these tests you need to download junit.jar.
To use JUnit you need to include junit.jar in your classpath both when compiling and when running.

Here's an example of compiling with JUnit on the command line:
$ javac -cp junit.jar *.java

Here's an example of running with JUnit from the command line:
$ java -cp junit.jar:../.. cs235.test.Test

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